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Arcade is the GameFi platform that gives its community the opportunity to earn meaningful rewards, from various Play-and-Earn metaverse games, without direct gameplay or ownership of in-game NFTs. Either Arcade or our network of NFT curators, owns the in-game NFTs and through the strategic infrastructure of guilds, gamers, contributors, and game developers, rewards are passed along via our revolutionary mission pools concept.





While Arcade’s platform is built on Solana, the GameFi exposure we offer is chain agnostic. Our revolutionary process makes it easy to gain exposure to blockchain games on any chain, all from one platform.


What if there was a way to gain optimal exposure to the metaverse without sacrificing the time and energy that usually accompanies blockchain gaming? There is now!

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Main Street


Wallet Options

Currently supporting Phantom on the Solana blockchain, work is underway to add additional wallet options such as an email web-based wallet and many others.


Purposefully Designed

A robust user-friendly interface with point-and-click functionality
allows Mission Pool Contributors ("MPCs") to easily analyze available mission pools, see past results, manage holdings, and claim rewards.


3rd Party NFT Support

NFT Curators, who do not wish to or are unable to, operate and extract the optimum value, can lend their in-game NFTs to Arcade. The owner will receive an increased share of a mission pool rewards.


Help from Experts

Knowledge base, FAQ, and video tutorials are available on the Arcade Discord server. MPCs and Mission Pool Operators (“MPOs”) can come together to exchange ideas and let Arcade’s team know what is important to them.

Your Own GameFi Exposure


As a holder of $ARCADE, you have complete autonomy to decide what type or level of exposure you want to have to in-game activities. Gone are the days of forced exposure to games or activities you don’t care about. Not all Play-and-Earn games or guilds are created equal, Arcade gives you complete control over your participation.

How To

step 01


Enter The Arcade

step 02


Swap your boring old $ARCADE tokens for shiny new $xARCADE tokens at a 1:1 ratio. This process stores your $ARCADE safely in escrow until you wish to exit the Dapp.

step 03


Contribute to your favorite mission pools using your $xARCADE tokens. Your deposited $xARCADE tokens are never spent or at risk of loss. Pro Tip: Use the provided historical data, metrics, and MPO statistics to make the most informed decisions about which mission pools are right for you.

step 04


This part is easy! Just wait for the mission pool to complete. During this step, the MPO will use their expertise to execute on the mission activities and generate the in-game rewards.

step 05


Receive your deposited $xARCADE back, plus your pro rata share of the rewards generated from the mission pool activities. Rinse and repeat!

Choose Your Mission Pool

Whether you’re a guild, gamer, contributor, sponsor, or game developer, your mission starts here. Stay up to date on the latest mission pools and don't miss your chance to earn!


Arcade is the solution for saving time, energy, and resources. After careful review, these games received substantial conviction from Arcade.


Learn more about the Arcade team and the roadmap towards revolutionizing the GameFi space.

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