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2022 Q1
  • Dapp / Web Design & Development
  • Platform Audit / Testing
  • Wrap Up Private Rounds
  • Continued Community Growth
2022 Q2
  • Platform Audit / Testing
  • Marketing Ramp Up
  • Continued Platform Development
2022 Q3
  • Website Reveal
  • Continued Platform Development
  • R&D Of Other Opportunities To Benefit Token Holders
  • Dapp Reveal
  • Project Alpha
  • Analyze Metrics From Project Alpha
2022 Q4
  • Target TGE / Token Launch
  • Main Street Integration
  • Explore Onboarding Process For Guild Partnerships
  • Explore Future Advertising Options
  • Explore 3rd Party NFT Support


  • Jaleel / Operations

    10 years investing; Practicing NY attorney, specializing in commercial, employment, and real estate.


    My name is Jaleel De’Marcus Menifee and I’m a practicing business transactional attorney here in New York City. They call me the legal eagle cause I like to swoop in to save businesses affected by legal dilemmas. My legal and corporate experience will help Arcade adapt and grow while remaining in compliance with the forever-changing regulations that oversee the crypto industry. Through prudent measures, Arcade has the potential to become the next big household name once GameFi goes mainstream for gamers, and I will provide the necessary guidance so that Arcade’s success does not garner unwanted attention.

  • Josh / Executive

    11 years investing, 10 years business, entrepreneurship, and project management.


    My name is Josh Poole, but I go by JP. With the experience of launching and handling a million dollar motor sport company and a couple of other businesses, business development and team management have been my key strengths. Project management and business development are my strengths, and I believe that my past experience in building businesses from the ground up and juggling all of the moving pieces of a project together will ensure that Arcade stays on the right track. I am especially passionate about the crypto industry and how it can impact the gaming industry.

  • Justin / Finance

    7 years IT operations, datacenter support; 3 years mainframe, and distribution center support.


    7 years IT operations, datacenter support; 3 years mainframe, and distribution center support.

  • Kazi / Investments

    11 years investing w/ tech sector, risk management/analysis


    My name is Kazi Zilani but you can call me Kaz. With more than 12 years of past experience of being an active participant in tech markets, 13 years of operations management for Emirate Airlines and having the curiosity to go down rabbit holes of emerging revolutionary technologies, I am here to take Arcade's portfolio through sustainable growth and into a promising future. Over the years of being an active market participant, I have developed a methodology of risk management and due diligence that I rely on when making decisions on behalf of the arcade portfolio. This careful analysis of market conditions and sentiment aims to help Arcade succeed by managing our risk in this volatile market and building exposure to promising projects and teams based on heavy due diligence.

  • Kevin / ACS Director

    Tokenomics Master, Revenue Generator, Networking Ninja, Product Synthesizer.


    Kevin has spent the better part of two decades in relationship management, private equity, investments, and credit underwriting. He utilizes those experiences to design products, facilitate partnerships, craft financial systems, and advise on business models. Keeping in mind the user experience and value creation, a forward-thinking marketing angle is applied to all facets of business development. He also loves EDM music, snowboarding, his friends and family.

We believe that the barriers to entry for GameFi are too high. People either don’t have the time, the money, or the interest to keep up. Arcade solves this problem by providing highly optimized, affordable, and diversified exposure to the best parts of GameFi.

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